Energy Work

In-person or remote, we provide energy readings and healings to help you be your best. Reiki and other forms of energy work combine to soothe, balance, and restore energy.

Mayan massage

Exclusively for women, Mayan massage includes womb work for feminine issues at all stages of life, whether you're a mother, a maiden, or if you're in your wisdom years.

Intuitive Healings

With 20+ years of intuitive practice, we can work with you to help restore your vitality, creativity, and bring clarity and direction.

Water flowers Estes_01

Herbal baths, plant healings, plant spirit work

We work deeply in union with nature and her gifts. Through herbal plant baths, plant massage, and plant teachings, we can provide restorative, relaxing, and rejuvenating healing work and ceremonies designed to connect you with the wisdom on nature and her medicine.

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