Our Approach

The Soul Clinic is a practice that works at the intersection of deep ecology, spirituality, community, sustainability. We explore the cycles of wholeness and dissolution and work to heal the soul of the world, empower others with the tools and wisdom to heal themselves, and work in service to a kind, loving, and whole planet that honors all beings.

Our Story

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About The Soul Clinic

Here's a bit about our background, history, and focus.


Carrie Christopher


I've been running The Soul Clinic since 2005 when I had the epiphany that the connection between personal and collective wholeness, the natural world, healing, and the continuum of living and dying with grace are all related. I help bring wholeness to people and planet by bridging the spiritual, contemplative, and practical approaches to bringing wholeness on an individual and collective level.



Spaciousness, mindfulness, clarity.

Meditation, the need for spaciousness and perspective of our daily dramas, moods, emotions, and interactions, is a key component of wholeness, healthy self-acceptance, and a daily practice. Work with me to discover the path of contemplation and mindfulness.


Creative Visualization

The wisdom journey

Exploring the wisdom journey of creative visualization and imaginal realms provide access to wisdom, knowledge, healing, and guidance for people and the natural world are key elements of my healing practice. I have studied with a range of teachers for over 20 years and honor the lineages of teachings of these amazing people.

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