This site is your home for matters of the soul. The juicy, heart-felt, longings for wholeness, truth, and restorative practices to help you bring your best and true self to the world. And that world so badly needs that full, healthy and whole you.

Here's what the Soul Clinic offers:

  • Meditation and mindfulness techniques to help you navigate your day-to-day reality with grace and ease.
  • Intuitive healing (local and distance) to find your truth, restore your vitality, provide clarity and direction, and clear trauma and negativity so you can clearly see your next steps and move forward with clarity and grace.
  • Contemplative end of life care, spiritual companionship, end-of-life review, and dying-in-place consultation and presence for those who choose a home death.
  • Trainings, workshops, and retreats.



Next Steps...

Take a look around, read a bit about what we do, and then email to schedule a distance or in-person reading, teaching, or healing.